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I believe research should be relevant and rigorous and within these boundaries I am methodologically free spirited. My two focus areas are the role of finance in the climate transformation and the political economy of this transformation. My PhD thesis “The role of finance in mitigating climate change: Insights for public policy” won the ETH medal for outstanding dissertations and the Swiss Association of Energy Economics (SAEE) annual prize for the best dissertation. I firmly believe that research needs to be linked to policy, which is why I dedicate time to serving on the executive board of the Swiss Young Academy.

Please get in touch if you have exciting ideas for collaborations in these areas.


Most recent

  • Toetzke, M., Stünzi, A., & Egli, F. Consistent and replicable estimation of bilateral climate finance (accepted at Nature Climate Change)
  • Egli, F., Schmid, N., & Schmidt, T. S. (2022). Backlash to fossil fuel phase-outs: the case of coal mining in US presidential elections. Environmental Research Letters, 17(9), 094002. To publication, Featured in The Atlantic
  • Agutu, C., Egli, F., Williams, N. J., Schmidt, T. S., & Steffen, B. (2022). Accounting for finance in electrification models for sub-Saharan Africa. Nature Energy, 1–11. To publication
  • Egli, F., Polzin, F., Sanders, M., Schmidt, T., Serebriakova, A., & Steffen, B. (2022). Financing the energy transition: four insights and avenues for future research. Environmental Research Letters, 17(5), 051003. To publication
  • Pahle, M., Tietjen, O., Osorio, S., Egli, F., Steffen, B., Schmidt, T. S., & Edenhofer, O. (2022). Safeguarding the energy transition against political backlash to carbon markets. Nature Energy 2022, 1–7. To publication
  • Egli, F., Schärer, D., Steffen, B. (2022). Determinants of fossil fuel divestment in European pension funds. Ecological Economics, 191, 107237. To publication

2021 and earlier

  • Polzin, F., Sanders, M., Steffen, B., Egli, F., Schmidt, T. S., Karkatsoulis, P., Fragkos, P., Paroussos, L. (2021). The effect of differentiating costs of capital by country and technology on the European energy transition. Climatic Change, 167(1), 1–21. To publication
  • Egli, F. (2020). Renewable energy investment risk: An investigation of changes over time and the underlying drivers. Energy Policy, 140, 111428. To publication
  • Steffen, B., Egli, F., Pahle, M., Schmidt, T.S. (2020). Navigating the Clean Energy Transition in the COVID-19 Crisis. Joule, 4, 1137-1141. To publication
  • Egli, F., Stünzi, A. (2019). A dynamic climate finance allocation mechanism reflecting the Paris Agreement. Environmental Research Letters, 14, 114024. To publication
  • Egli, F., Steffen, B., Schmidt, T.S. (2019). Bias in energy system models with uniform cost of capital assumption. Nature Communications, 10 (4588). To publication
  • Schmidt, T.S., Steffen, B., Egli, F., Pahle, M., Tietjen, O., Edenhofer, O. (2019). Adverse effects of rising interest rates on sustainable energy transitions. Nature Sustainability, 2, 879–885. To publication
  • Polzin, F., Egli, F., Steffen, B., Schmidt, T.S. (2019). How do policies mobilize private finance for renewable energy?—A systematic review with an investor perspective. Applied Energy, 236, 1249-1268. To publication
  • Egli, F., Steffen, B., Schmidt, T. S. (2018). A dynamic analysis of financing conditions for renewable energy technologies. Nature Energy, 3, 1084-1092. To publication

Book chapters

  • Egli, F., Steffen, B. & Schmidt, T.S. (2020). Cost of capital for renewable energy – the role of industry experience and future potentials. In Green Banking (ed. Böttcher, J.). De Gruyter: Berlin, Germany. To publication 
  • Steffen, B., Egli, F. & Schmidt, T.S. (2020). The role of public banks in catalysing private renewable energy finance. In Renewable Energy Finance (ed. Donovan, C.). World Scientific Publishing: Singapore. To publication

Policy briefs

  • Zaussinger, F., Egli, F., Schmidt, T., Amarasinghe, U., Schmid, S., & Scharf, U. (2022). Labour market impacts of the green transition: the need for more granular data. In Cedefop & OECD (Eds.), Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies (pp. 37–48). To publication
  • Egli, F. (2020). State Investment Bank: An effective tool to finance sustainability?. In Financing the low-carbon economy transition – mapping innovative instruments. Swiss Sustainable Finance: Geneva, Switzerland. To publication
  • Hofstetter, D. & Egli, F. (2020). Transformation Capital – A Systemic Investment Logic. In Financing the low-carbon economy transition – mapping innovative instruments. Swiss Sustainable Finance: Geneva, Switzerland. To publication
  • Balthasar, F., Cantalou, J., Egli, F. (2020). Forschung – Innovationskraft und Vollassoziierung an EU-Forschungsprogramm sichern. In Der bilaterale Weg: Wie weiter mit dem überholten Betriebssystem? (eds. Farman, D., Vogel, F.). foraus Policy Brief.To publication
  • Egli, F., Steffen, B., Schmidt, T.S. (2019). Learning in the financial sector is essential for reducing renewable energy costs. Policy Brief, Nature Energy, 4, 835–836. To publication
  • Egli, F. & Maule, S. (2017). Missing in Action: The lack of ESG capacity at leading investors. E3G Policy Brief. To publication
  • Stünzi, A., Egli, F., Jönsson, O. (2017). Neue Wege in der Schweizer Klimapolitik. foraus Policy Brief. To publication
  • Egli, F. & Johnstone, N. (2015). Emerging Technologies and Firm Dynamics: The implications of green growth. OECD Issue Note for Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum. To publication
  • Egli, F., N. Johnstone and C. Menon (2015). Identifying and inducing breakthrough inventions: An application related to climate change mitigation, OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Papers, No. 2015/04, OECD Publishing, Paris. To publication