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Black and white portrait of Florian Egli

I commit my work to addressing climate change and achieving broader sustainability to live within planetary boundaries. My research tackles two key levers: finance and the political economy. Every large societal transformation requires investment into new technologies, infrastructure and our social lives. How can finance be a force for change and help build sustainable economies and societies? Understanding the political economy - powerful vested interests as well as emerging coalitions for change - is key to make these transformations inclusive and durable. How can we take people along and make transformations politically feasible?

We already know a lot. The projects I co-founded – from a grassroots think tank to a novel logic of deploying capital – try to push the boundaries and put this knowledge into action. Achieving change needs a healthy and informed dialogue about policy options. I believe we have tools at our disposal to discuss more meaningfully and engage with politics. I use these tools, from design thinking to systems thinking, in my teaching, workshops and in consulting projects that are aligned with my vision. I also love moderating debates and speaking to business, political and academic audiences (please see offerings). Occasionally, my thoughts appear in the media - for example, I am a regular commentator on Monocle Radio M24.

I am a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Energy and Technology Policy Group, ETH Zurich and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL.

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„How can finance be a force for change and help build sustainable economies and societies?“

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