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Be it COVID-19 or the climate crisis, we face large and complex societal challenges that illustrate the need for an inclusive dialogue, broad exchange and fora for participatory decisionmaking. These projects aim to provide stepping stones in this direction - click below for more information.

Transformation Capital

Transformation Capital is pioneering a new way to deploy capital for systems transformation. It is built on the conviction that stand-alone investments are not enough to transform our societies and economies, instead we need a holistic and systemic way to invest. I am the co-lead for the first pilot in Switzerland.

Expedition Zukunft

Expedition Zukunft is a new political initiative in Switzerland that I co-founded in 2021 to create a space where long-term challenges, such as climate change, pensions or health care, can be tackled without partisanship. We use social innovation methods to develop political solutions in these areas.

Swiss Young Academy

The Swiss Young Academy was founded in 2020, I am an elected member for five years and serve on its initial Executive Board. As part of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences it exists to promote transdisciplinary research, to facilitate the bridge between science, policy and society and to give a prominent stage to early career scientists.

ETH energy blog

The ETH energy blog was inspired by Meredith Fowlie and the Energy Haas Blog at UC Berkeley. When Meredith gave a seminar at ETH Zurich, I came together with two other participants and decided that ETH Zurich needed something similar. This blog is entirely run by students and features the newest research and opinion on energy topics. It is generously supported by the Energy Science Center.


foraus is close to my heart and will always be. We founded this think tank with the goal to change Swiss foreign policy, to make it more constructive, more future-proof and more inclusive. As vice-president, I was part of the board, the strategic decision making and oversight of the association for a long time. Currently, I am part of the review board and a Senior Associate.

Sustainable Fintech

Sustainable fintech emerged from a foraus meeting to bring together the growing Swiss fintech industry with sustainability topics. From 2017 onwards a dedicated team at foraus designed and developed the initiative, organising industry gatherings, hackathons and policy workshops across Switzerland.